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Photo Credit: Xtend Lindau VIZGARD has been selected to participate in US Army Futures Command-led novel technologies assessment, Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE) 2022.

how to buy isotretinoin online AEWE buy modafinil egypt 2022 is a live prototype experiment for soldier and small-unit modernisation where industry are invited to field-test their novel technologies and concepts. During the last AEWE event, soldiers evaluated 42 of the latest technologies at Squad and Platoon level to ensure the Army’s readiness to fight and win today and into the future.

In line with the US Army’s AI-enabled battlefield management aspirations, we will be showcasing our FortifAI “AI toolkit”, which uses state-of-the-art computer vision to reduce the burden on drone and counter-UAS system operators.

FortifAI verifies the classification of tracks provided by external sensors (Radar, AIS, ADS-B), fuses them with video-based detection, and provides low-latency platform control to keep EO/IR cameras locked on target. By combining the DoD-approved Parrott Anafi USA with a low-cost mil-standard PTZ camera from our partners at Axis, we will demonstrate our solution’s platform-agnostic and distributed capabilities via the integrated mesh-connected edge devices.

VizEdge One  Ruggedised small form-factor video processing solution for long-range surveillance, counter-UAS, and armoured vehicles.

VizEdge LT – Low-SWAP device for augmenting unmanned aerial and ground vehicles with object detection and video tracking.

Please visit for more information about AEWE 2022 or contact one of the VIZGARD team.


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