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VIZGARD Joins NVIDIA’s Accelerator for AI Start-ups

London, UK — March 1st​, 20​21 — VIZGARD Ltd today announced it has joined ​the NVIDIA Inception program​, which is designed to nurture start-ups revolutionising global industries with advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data sciences.

VIZGARD is focused on building a platform-agnostic “AI Toolkit” of cutting-edge capabilities to automate and enhance surveillance and unmanned systems such as drones. Optimised for low-SWAP computers, their software allows state-of-the-art object detection, classification and tracking for edge deployment. The flexible system architecture allows the AI to be used for land, sea and air missions and uses active learning to adapt and improve performance.

NVIDIA Inception will provide VIZGARD with access to state-of-the-art, GPU-accelerated cloud platforms that are required to ensure their AI engine can meet the highest performance standards expected by today’s threat detection technologies. The program will also offer VIZGARD collaborative opportunities with other AI-driven organisations, as well as industry-leading experts.

“We’re thrilled to be given this opportunity and humbled to be following in the footsteps of visionary companies such as Skydio, with their computer vision-based autonomous drones. It’s a testament to NVIDIA’s commitment to driving AI innovation forward that they continue to seek out and nurture the world’s most promising, early-stage start-ups, even during these uncertain times,” said Joel Cramoysan, Managing Director of VIZGARD. 

NVIDIA Inception is a program to help start-ups during critical stages of product development, prototyping and deployment. Every Inception member receives a customised set of ongoing benefits, such as ​NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute​ credits, marketing support and technical assistance, that provides start-ups with fundamental tools to help them grow. 


VIZGARD is a London-based Artificial Intelligence company on a mission to build a safer future with cutting-edge computer vision solutions that automate and enhance surveillance and unmanned platforms such as drones. Their Software Development Kit (SDK) allows for rapid deployment of state-of-the-art detection, classification, and tracking capabilities with integrated systems to reduce false alarms and operator burden. For more information, please visit https://vizgard.com/

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